• Estate

    Whether you have modest estate or have accumulated significant personal wealth, you must have a comprehensive estate plan in place that details a plan for what happens at your death or if you are incapacitated. We are a full service estate planning firm dedicated to provide you with a carefully crafted estate plan that is unique to your needs.

  • Trust

    We are a full service Trust Administration firm that works with clients on a flat fee basis to administer their trusts in an efficient manner. We will help you reduce taxes, trust expenses, attorney's fees and potential lawsuits during the complicated trust administration process and provide you with the tools you need to move forward after a loved one's death.

  • Asset Protection

    Protecting the wealth that you have accumulated, no matter how large or small, should be your biggest priority. Without property asset protection planning, your hard earned assets are at risk of being depleted by unscrupulous creditors and lawsuits. We will help you develop a strategy and create a legal plan that will shield your wealth, no matter the size.

  • California

    The probate court process can be costly, lengthy and confusing. Our familiarity and experience with the court process combined with our knowledge and understanding of the court rulings will help easily guide your loved one’s probate estate through the complicated court process in an efficient manner, saving you time and the money.

Bazikyan Law Group is a leading law firm in Glendale and Sherman Oaks with years of working experience, and exclusive practice focuses in Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Asset Protection, and California Probate Services.

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