Brenda Shaffer

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Subject Heading: Your Faculty member – Brenda Shaffer
Thank you for taking the time to read this email.
I would like to bring to your attention the behavior and unethical acts of one of your faculty members.
Her name is Brenda Shaffer and she sits as an Adjunct Professor for center for Eurasian, Russian, East European Studies (CERES) and Atlantic Council.   She wrote an article in recent days for Global Israel, arguing that Israel is a natural ally of Azerbaijan on moral considerations. In the article she lobbies for Azerbaijani interests. Her extreme stance in the article made me take a closer look into her background and education, that is when I found Georgetown University.
I was very disappointed in what my research yielded. She is a scholar, yet uses her voice at Georgetown University to promote human rights violations, beheadings, executions, illegal weapon sales, men, women and children being killed.
She is currently supporting the human rights violations of the Azerbaijani and Turkish governments and directly supporting their genocidal goals and aims. She is actively promoting and spreading false propaganda about the ongoing war in Artsakh and Azerbaijan under the guise of being a scholar. By using her status as a scholar, she is fooling the public into relying on the information she is spreading. However, she is not an unbiased scholar with research experience in this field. She is a STEALTH LOBBYIST with a very quick rise to popularity that illustrates just how vulnerable the American foreign policy establishment is to manipulation by foreign agents. She is supported by an overseas regime and an assorted network of overt and undercover lobbyists, she used oil money to build her academic credentials, then in turn used those credentials to promote Azerbaijan’s agendas through Congressional testimony, dozens of newspaper op-eds and media appearances, countless think tank events, and even scholarly publications.
In 2001, she asked Congress to repeal a section of the Freedom Support Act that barred direct US aid to the Azerbaijani government. What lawmakers listening to Shaffer didn’t know was that the Caspian Studies Program she headed at Harvard was set up in 1999 through a $1 million grant from the US Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce and a consortium of oil and gas companies led by Exxon, Mobil, and Chevron, all of which had commercial interests in the region. The chamber of commerce is a pro-Azerbaijan pressure group whose Board of Directors includes a vice president of SOCAR, the Azerbaijan state-owned energy company, and top lobbyists for BP and Chevron.
A simple  search on the net will reveal that she is closely aligned with the interests of Azerbaijan and Turkey. How can she NOT be? They have her on payroll.  She claims to educate the public people on what is “right” for them, but as you can tell by searching google images photos of her and her ol’ chum, Erdogan and her business card working for SOCAR, she is not to be trusted on these issues and should definitely recuse herself from writing such articles.
Her conflicts in these situations and lack of ethical standards to refrain from such comments is a direct representation of Georgetown University.
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