Expert Insight: Covid-19 & Life Insurance

May 27, 2020

Friday’s special guest was financial advisor, Eszylfie Taylor, President of Taylor Insurance and Financial Services. In this lively discussion, we cover everything related to life insurance and how Covid-19 has affected policies. With 20 years of experience in the financial industry, Eszylfie answers questions that are frequently asked or seldom mentioned, giving professional and trustworthy replies. Check out the timestamp below to find the answer to your questions about life insurance.

Topic Timestamp:

3:10 How has Covid affected life insurance policies?

10:35 Life insurance for stay-at-home parents.

15:25 Are medical examinations taking place for new policies?

16:40 Can someone with preexisting conditions qualify without medical exam (just disclosure on application)?

20:40 Does life insurance cover Covid deaths?

21:20 What happens if someone dies from an undisclosed condition?

22:25 What type of policy should you buy?

32:30 How important is it for younger people to buy life insurance?

36:30 What happens to the cash value in policy after death?

40:30 If policy has cash value and you want to stop premiums, can cash value feed itself?

42:47 How can business owners use life insurance to their advantage?

45:40 Are corporate premiums deductible from return

48:30 Can you buy life insurance on someone else’s life?

50:40 How can people use the life insurance policies they have if they are struggling?

53:10 Retirement withdrawals without penalty.

57:00 Advice for people with financial investments in their retirement accounts?

Special Guest:
Eszylfie Taylor
Taylor Insurance & Financial Services
1199 E. Walnut
Pasadena, CA 91106
626-356-7637 Office

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