Expert Insight: Covid-19 & Workers’ Compensation

Jun 08, 2020

If you missed our Expert Insight live with worker’s compensation attorney, Michael Kuznetsky, you can watch the full video or follow the timestamp to find answers to how current events have affected workers’ compensation, what you should do to yield the best outcome when injured at work, your rights to treatment, and employer responsibilities for compensating employees.

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Special Guest

Michael Kuznetsky

Workers’ Comp attorney and CEO of

Kuznetsy Law Group, P.C.

210 N. Pass Ave. Suite 103

Burbank, CA. 91505

Phone: 818.753.2450

Fax: 818.736.9099


⏰ Topic Timestamp

2:50 How does workers’ comp work in California?

4:50 How has Covid affected this field?

8:15 What are the 2 types of work-related injuries?

15:45 What should an employer do if employee has Covid?

20:00 What is the length of time for reporting work related injury?

22:35 How are evaluations determined?

25:10 What happens if a claim is denied?

26:45 Who determines medical providers for the injured?

37:35 What is the Uninsured Employer’s Benefit Trust Fund?

40:00 What are temporary and permanent disability benefits?

44:15 Are these benefits taxable?

45:00 How is return to work determined?

47:07 How is return to work determined if recovering from Covid?

50:30 Tip for employers from a workers’ comp attorney.

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