Expert Insight: Covid-19 & Your Employees

Expert Insight: Covid-19 & Your Employees

May 18, 2020

Our special guest this week was employment defense attorney, Cynthia Flynn! She told us all about employee/employer laws and how they have been updated since Covid-19.

🕐Topic Timestamp:

04:15 Can an employee be required to go back on site?

06:40 How can employers ensure environment safety?

08:00 Safety of staff in different settings?

09:25 Will an employer be responsible if worker contracts Covid-19 on job if job includes interacting with public? (workers compensation?)

10:50 Will an employer be responsible if worker contracts Covid-19 on job if job does not include interacting with public? (workers compensation?)

14:30 Will an employer be responsible if worker contracts Covid-19 while working remotely? Do you still have to pay time off?

15:00 Paid time off for an infected full-time employee.

16:55 Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act apply in California

17:50 Basic things employers should implement when reopening businesses

20:30 Can employers send employees home if they appear sick and for how long?

25:05 Should staff be notified if an employee is sick?

26:30 When and how should employers bring employees back who had tested positive for Covid?

27:38 Recap

29:34 Can an employee refuse to go back to work for fear of Covid-19 infection? Can this be reason for termination?

33:05 The protected class

35:55 Family Leave Act in California

38:20 What is one new law since Covid-19 that every employer should know?

39:50 What are some notices employers should announce to employers?

40:38 Are employers required to provide PPE products? Is there any liability if an employee doesn’t provide these products?

45:20 Can an employer ask for proof of employee being sick?

48:55 Monitoring remote employees

53:30 Are employers required to reimburse for internet and cell phones used for business?




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