Four Times You Should Call A Trust Attorney

Here are four times you should pick up the phone and call your Trust Attorney.

1. You Just Had A Baby

If you just had a baby or added to your family, you absolutely need an estate plan in place. If you already have a trust in place, you have to amend it to provide for that new child. Make sure that you contact us for help.

2. You Have Purchased A Home or Property

If you bought a home or an investment property, you absolutely need a trust in place. If you already have one, you need to make sure that new property is in the trust that you created. Your new property does not automatically get put into your trust. Make sure that you contact our office so we can help you. At the very least we’ll just do a check up and say, “Yup, it’s in the trust. No need to worry about it!”

3. Divorce

If you and your spouse are now divorced and you weren’t divorced when you created your trust, you have to update your estate plan. You should also update your estate plan if someone that you have named in your trust is divorced now. For instance, if your brother and your sister-in-law who were named as guardians for your children are getting a divorce. You need to make sure you update your guardianship provisions. You may want to remove your sister-in-law because she is no longer going to be your sister-in-law.

4. Experienced A Death In The Family

If one of the people that you have named in your trust as trustee, healthcare agent, or guardian has passed away, you want to make sure that you update your trust. It may be as simple as just doing a quick review and saying, “Great I have a backup person and I’m okay with that backup person, no need for changes”. Or you might have to reevaluate the order of people that you have chosen. This actually also applies to you and your spouse. If you or your spouse have passed away, the surviving spouse needs to make sure that they contact an attorney. Things need to be done when an individual passes away, whether you have a trust or don’t have a trust.

If you experience any of these four situations, you absolutely need to pick up the phone and contact our office for a free consultation with our Trust Attorney. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your particular situation. Contact our office (818)649-9110.

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